The Regency Coffee House

In the heart of Newtownards you will find The Regency Coffee House. Relaxed and down to earth, its loyal customers enjoy a huge variety of freshly prepared meals, served throughout the day. 

Our bespoke 360° Tour takes the viewer through the welcoming front door and beyond. It features on their website and social media and includes:

  • Virtual Reality compatibility
  • Thumbnail photosphere gallery
  • Navigation hotlinks
  • Video overlay on the big screen
  • Directional Audio
  • Full screen viewing
  • Panning rotation view
  • Inactivity monitoring to move to the next photosphere

Google Walk Through

Google Streetview walk through tour of The Regency Coffee House.

Google Street View is no longer just for the streets! The Regency recognised that by taking advantage of  Googles increased street view coverage, they could enhance their Google listing, guaranteeing an accredited position on the world’s biggest search engine and therefore influence a potential customer’s decision making.

By adding the Street view tour to their Google Business account we helped visitors interact with the Web Theatre on a whole new level.  They get a flavour through street view and can immerse themselves in what the venue has to offer when they visit the theatres website and experience the more indepth tour.